Ways to Travel Solo without Being Alone

by HOMESEARCH Realty & Investments, LLC 03/04/2019

Solo travel has become a trendy topic. People who are single, engaged or married can embark on solo voyages. Apart from that, a busy person who wants to have a leisure weekend can also start traveling alone and enjoy it.

The two setbacks of solo travel can be the inconvenience associated with eating alone and the loneliness that comes with a “party for one." However, experienced travelers, as well as those who have traveled to major countries of the world, suggest that there are good ways to go alone without actually having the feeling of “going it alone.” Here are five ways to travel solo without feeling lonely.

1. River Cruise and Small Ship Cruises

River Cruise and small cruises are excellent activities for those traveling alone for the first time. They are also great for those who are used to going solo. The River cruise and small ship cruises are ideal for well-traveled loners especially in these two cases – they are perfect in areas where security is an issue and places that are not easy to reach. 

2. Choose your lodging and take day trips 

Another way to travel solo without actually feeling alone is to select your accommodation and take days trip. Here are some advantages of this solo approach:

- It gives you the privilege to choose your interest and style of travel

- You have a day off whenever you desire

- Works with flexible budgets

Combine both the two approaches above to have a fantastic journey. When you follow this blended approach, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- You will be in charge

- You have the opportunity to set your course, and at the same time you are free to choose and pick

- Offers you a part-time group of travel mates and also enables you to stay alone

- Allows you to follow your budget

3. Sign up ahead for a class abroad

When you sign up for these classes, you will be able to learn a lot of things. For example, we have cooking classes in Italy and England, and there are language classes abroad that have enticed students for full-time or short-time summer programs. Apart from these sets of courses, there are also scuba classes, photography classes as well as skiing classes. 

4. Join an exchange program or a volunteer group 

There are lots of benefits you stand to gain from joining an exchange or a volunteer program. Some of the benefits are:

- Seeing far and unusual places

- Meeting with residents that are not within the tourist path

- You can as well offer volunteer assistance to communities that need help especially those that have suffered from natural disasters.

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